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In a predominantly stagnant Nepali music industry where most bands don’t play their instruments and everything sounds and looks manufactured, Robin N Looza stuck out like a sore thumb. The band’s debut was a revelation and spawned a number of clones. Their live shows were energetic thanks to an exceptionally tight rhythm section and a charismatic front man, and their anthemic songs took them from strength to strength. However, as great as a band may be, there always comes a time when one gets bored of doing the same thing for years and looks to branch out. And that’s exactly what the front man Robin did.With a desire of playing different styles of music, and with a couple of songs already under his belt, Robin recruited several members for a project entitled Robin & The New Revolution. The new members were definitely not new to the music scene though. Rajesh, the drummer, also played in the backup band for the Angels, bassist Prabin was an accomplished studio musician and Dipesh, who still plays the lead guitar, is an arranger. And unlike in the past, Robin was seen playing the rhythm on his sunburst Fender. Kta/Kt the debut album of “Robin and the New Revolution” was a huge hit and the band grabbed some prestigious awards aswell. More than awards, Kta/Kt brought about a change. Following up Kta/Kt, the band produced another acclaimed album – 13000, which was dedicated to the people who lost their lives during the political insurgency in the country.

With two new changes in their line ups, Sonam Lama replacing Prabin on Bass and Sanam Shrestha replacing Rajesh on the drums, the band still continues to enthrall and amaze its crowd with the music of their own. A steady groove of funk, blues, slow rock and folk tunes with a blend of down to earth words elevating patriotism – this what Robin and The New Revolution is all about

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